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    Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. Inspired by an email from a fellow Etsy seller who was admiring my product photos and wanted some tips. I thought I’d offer some basic tips to help sellers catch the eye of buyers and draw them into your listings.

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    It is important to get the colours in your photo as accurate as possible. You may have noticed in some of your other pics that the white parts may have either a blue hue or yellow hue. This is mostly caused by the lighting in the room or your item taking on the colours from objects around it. Quite often photos taken in the shade on a cloudy day will produce a blueish pic. Whilst photos taken on a sunny day with filtered daylight will produce a yellowish pic. To correct this you will need to search for the white balance corrector in your camera and adjust the colour temperature accordingly.

    The pic on the left is of a brooch taken without white balance corrector and the pic on the right is with the white balance adjusted. You can see that the colours on the left pic are not a true representation of the item and is unflattering. While the pic on the right shows the brooch’s true colours.

    It may still be necessary to adjust the colour temperature further in Photoshop but the task will be made much easier when the pic is close to correct.

    photography tips for etsy

    All digital cameras offer an Auto option where it does all the work for you. It will automatically measure the exposure, focus on your object and determine whether there is enough light in the room. Quite often when it thinks there is not enough light it will pop open the flash for you so that your photo doesn’t come out too dark or unclear. There is certainly nothing wrong with having the camera on auto or using flash for that matter. However the harsh shadows produced by flash can distract from your item.
    How can you fix this? Place your item in a well lit room with filtered daylight (often next to a window) and turn off the flash in your camera. If your photos are blurry from being shaky you can place your camera on a tripod or against something sturdy.
    Not only will your photos be much easier on the eye but your prospective buyer can also see the details in your item much more clearly.

    photography tips for etsy

    Online shopping can be tricky. We rely mostly on photos and some worded details to let us know what we are buying. Sometimes things arrive and they are not what you imagined. You can enhance the shopping experience by giving your item/pic a human element and showing how it would fit into your prospective buyers life. For example, the pic on the left does not help the buyer understand the size of the rose and makes it look quite lonely. The pic on the right shows the buyer how beautiful the ring looks when it is worn and its approximate size.

    photography tips for etsy

    We want our images to be as beautiful and vibrant as possible. However it is best to be mindful that the image is not cluttered with too much unnecessary information. If your item is bold and colourful it is best to allow it to be the star of the photo and use things to compliment it but not overwhelm it. Most marketplaces allow 3-5 photos per listing, perhaps use the uncluttered pic as the cover photo and use the dressed pics for the second and third images (because we still want buyers to imagine how it could fit into their lives).